ScorpionTrack 6 Stolen Vehicle Tracker

ScorpionTrack 6 Stolen Vehicle Tracker
We aim to install all systems within 5 working days
Supplied and Fitted by MAX Security at home or at work
Upon purchase you will be called within 24 hours to confirm installation date.




Scorpion Track is one of the UK‚ most popular GPS tracking systems, providing unbeatable security to your vehicle.

This system comes with a full Thatcham category 6 approval, is recognised by the whole insurance industry. It comes with the lowest subscription cost in the UK, as well as being one of the only Tracking companies to offer you a lifetime subscription. A very cost effective system, making this long term investment, essential to protect your vehicle!

All the tracking systems are manufactured in the United Kingdom and reach all the quality control specifications. This gives you peace of minding knowing, that the system has gone through the rigorous manufacturing tests, ensuring this system is reliable.


This system is designed for ultimate protection, even texting you when the battery is running low, making sure that your vehicle is 100% protected at all times. A battery tamper alarm is also incorporated with the system, to make sure no one tries to disconnect the battery. It also has battery backup, giving you the best chance to recover the vehicle.

Providing you with European coverage as well as having Scorpion Track available on your smart phone, this system keeps you in check with your pride and joy at all times. Working in conjunction with smart phones, allows you to keep an eye on your vehicle even on the go!

NB – annual subscription required

1 x year subscription – £130
2 x year subscription – £220
3 x year subscription – £300
4 x year subscription – £350
5 x year subscription – £390